The History of Dime-Aire

James La Porte and Laura Carson have worked together for approximately 20 years, but especially closely for the last 10 years. They have made a dynamic team and have complimented each other well. Laura’s background being more administrative and project management and James’ being very technical.

When the opportunity arose for them to open a business together, there was no hesitation for them to partner up and bring their mutual experience and great working relationship together. The name Dime-Aire is dedicated to Laura’s father, Rudy Schrempf. Rudy was a very well-respected individual in the mechanical industry. When he passed away in 2002, Laura had found pennies in her hallway in her home. She was told that they were pennies from Heaven, showing that Rudy was with her mother, who had passed many years previous. Her step-mother had said that they should be dimes, not pennies as Rudy was a “ten”. Ever since his passing, when Laura has wanted to converse with him, she has instead found a dime, like he is listening. She has found comfort in this. When she has related this story to others, they, more often than not, find a dime within a week of being told the story. Most also find comfort in the story.

Dime-Aire HVAC Services Inc. will be operated on the same principles that Rudy operated Wiggins with – Honesty, Integrity, Hard Work and Quality at a fair price.

It is not about the quick sale, it is about the long term relationship. It is harder to keep a customer, than to go and get a new one.


James La Porte


James began his career as an HVAC apprentice over 30 years ago. He worked at various companies such as Techaire Systems, Associated Mechanical Systems and Demand Air. He was owner/operator of Newmar Air Systems which did residential and light commercial work. He went on to increase his knowledge at Xtra Mechanical, Ellis Mechanical, Bering Mechanical and Adelt Mechanical before going to HTS Engineering as a service sales representative. His journey has prepared him for this new venture as President of Dime-Aire HVAC Services Inc.

James prides himself on keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies available in the HVAC industry. He regularly attends training classes provided by different manufacturers to learn about their latest products. He is well-versed in building automation systems and their energy savings abilities.

James’ greatest attribute is probably his problem solving abilities. He is able to give customers choices for their building issues that will fit their needs, rectify the problem and fit into their budgets. He is very proactive with his clients so that issues do not become costly emergency repairs.

James prides himself on holding all the current tickets (C of Q, ODP, G1) and safety training, such as Confined Space, WHMIS, Fall Arrest, First Aid, Ladder Safety, Fire extinguishers.


Laura Carson

Vice President

Laura began her career working for her Father, Rudy Schrempf, at his business Wiggins Mechanical Contractors Limited. It started as a summer job while attending the University of Toronto. Within a year or two, Rudy saw her potential and kept her on, sending her back to school to learn estimating, blueprint reading, project management and eventually business management. She worked briefly at a plumbing wholesalers as a quotations supervisor before going to SI Guttman where she worked for a number of years in their tenant division. She eventually went back to Wiggins Mechanical to manage a new tenant renovation division for Rudy.

After Rudy passed away, she bounced around for a couple of years before ending up at HTS Engineering for seven years as a service sales representative. It was there she learned about HVAC. Within a year she had partnered up with James la Porte as a sales team. Each job has been a stepping stone to Dime-Aire HVAC Services Inc.

Laura also attends training sessions and keeps up to date on her safety training.

She works with her clients to provide cost-savings solutions for their HVAC systems.