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A modern day company with traditional values in the HVAC Industry.

The history of Dime-Aire: James La Porte and Laura Carson have worked together for over 20 years. They make up a dynamic team that have complimented each other well. When the opportunity arose for them to open a business together there was no hesitation for them to partner up and bring their mutual experience and great working relationship together. The name Dime-Aire is dedicated to Laura's father, Rudy Schrempf. Rudy was a very well-respected individual in the mechanical industry. When he passed away in 2002, Laura had found pennies in her hallway at her home. She was told that they were pennies from heaven, showing that Rudy was with her mother, who had passed many years prior. Her step-mother had said they should be "dimes", not pennies as Rudy was a "ten". Ever since his passing, when Laura has wanted to converse with him, she has instead found a dime, like he is listening. She has found comfort in this and when she has relayed this story to others, more often than not other have found a dime within a week of hearing the story. Dime-Aire HVAC Services Inc. will be operated on the same guiding principles that Rudy operated Wiggins with - Honesty, Integrity, Hard Work and Quality at a fair price. It is not about the quick sale, but rather the long term relationships.

James La Porte


Laura Carson

Vice President

Dime- Aire is your partner in the Greater Toronto Area for reliable, professional and effective solutions for your HVAC needs. We work with you, our clients to provide a safe, reliable and dependable internal environment for you to enjoy worry free.

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What our customers are saying.

Upper management and staff are thrilled! The team kept me in the loop of what they were doing and how long it would take them. I have NEVER had this type of service in my six years here!

Sharon Laing

Tetra Tech

I was very impressed with there attitudes and work ethic.


Beatty and Woods LTD.

Dime-Aire is probably the most thorough contractor I have ever worked with. They are excellent trouble-shooters in any HVAC issue that you might encounter. I would recommend Dime-Aire without hesitation to you.

Chris Davey

Salvation Army